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Farmanco Facts 2023 - Agribusiness Edition

For the 2023 Agribusiness Edition of Farmanco Facts, our Agronomy, Management and Grain Marketing teams polled on the articles they thought best represented 2023. Articles include:


A Message from our CEO, Keith Symondson

Weaving Succession Payments into the Fabric of your Cost Structure

PA for Weed Management

AI Program Octopusbot – A Deep Dive

CashPeek – Clarity, Simplicity, Speed (introduction)

Budget Prices WA 2024

Budget Prices NSW, VIC & SA 2024


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Weaving Succession Planning into the Fabric of your Cost Structure

Mike Monaghan (Farm Management Consultant)

  • Integrate succession into your business plan.

  • Integrate succession into your budget.

  • Set the course.

  • Set an amount.

  • Stay the course.


Here we discuss the concept of the perennial inclusion of a new line item in our cash flows — succession allocation. This is similar to what farming families do temporarily for education costs.


PA for Weed Management

Alice Butler (Precision Agronomist

  • Management of resistant ryegrass on fence lines has been a key driver of precise boundary mapping.

  • Using the SwarmFarm robot and WEED-IT system, spot spraying 3,090 hectares generated a saving of $65,667 when compared to the blanket spray.

  • Setting up the SwarmFarm robot required a large time investment in front of the computer to refine maps and complete path plans to allow the robot to move autonomously.


Farmanco delivered two variable rate technology (VRT) workshops at Broomehill and Green Range in 2023 … At both workshops, Phil and Tom Longmire gave a grower perspective on VRT, and provided insight into how they have implemented other aspects of precision agriculture (PA) on their farm in Beaumont, 110 km northeast of Esperance.


AI Program Octopusbot: Deep Dive

Mae Connelly (Grain Marketing Consultant)

  • Machine learning is being increasingly used in grain markets to assist with production and price forecasting.

  • Farmanco Marketing has invested in a subscription to Octopusbot, an innovative AI-driven software system, to help provide our clients with an advantage in the market.

  • Using the Canadian 2023/24 canola as the example, this is a deep dive into how Octopusbot generates forecasts.


To explain how Octopusbot generates forecasts, this article provides a deep dive into the AI analysis involved, using the Canadian 2023/24 canola crop as the example.



CashPeek: Clarity – Simplicity – Speed

Budget Prices 2024 NSW, Vic & SA

Budget Prices 2024 WA


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