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Farmanco Facts - December 2022

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December articles include -

Workplace Health & Safety Update

Katrina Kowald (Management Consultant)

  • The University of Sydney, Ag Health Australia website is an excellent resource for templates if you're looking to produce your own workplace health and safety (WHS) policies and procedures.

  • Deal with work health and safety as a team and encourage input from all employees.

  • All documents must be regularly reviewed and updated.

  • WHS in the agricultural industry is a minefield, but the resources and information are available. If you haven't already, make a start today.

If you are looking to develop your own WHS policies and procedures, the University of Sydney Ag Health Australia website is the place for you.


NVT & MET Data When Planning for 2023

Mark Lawrence (Agronomy Consultant)

  • The National Variety Trials (NVT) website is a great tool for picking new varieties.

  • Multi Environmental Trial (MET) analysis is an integrated part of the NVT website.

  • New varieties are always changing, particularly for canola.

  • The NVT website is a good reference for yield, but you still need to discuss the agronomic traits of a variety.

Making every dollar count means planning for the next season, so don’t be scared to ask for help and use tools to aid in your decision-making.


Thinking About Your 2023 Budget

Greg Easton (Management Consultant)

  • Fertiliser costs will be almost double the long-term average.

  • Wheat, canola and livestock will likely show the highest budgeted profit.

  • Surprisingly, budgeted lupin profit in the LRZ could be comparable to wheat due to their lower fertiliser requirement.

  • Rising machinery costs are an important consideration when making enterprise changes.

  • Changing your enterprise mix is an opportunity but consider it carefully.

  • A stronger balance sheet means you can probably take a more conservative approach in a tight start to the season.

Though the 2022 season is not completed, attention is already looking toward 2023; especially rotational choices given continuing high fertiliser prices


Also included in the December edition:

Budget Prices 2023 – wheat, barley, canola and other grains

Budget Prices 2023 – wool and livestock


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