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Farmanco Facts - July 2022

Articles discuss –

· fixed interest: risk and reward;

· implications of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for food security;

· does sectional control for seeding pay for itself;

· crop and weed densities: managing an integrated weed management

program; and

· boys grow up slower than girls.

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Key points:

Things have changed very quickly, in the space of 10 months

Fixed interest: Risk & Reward

(Eric Nankivell, Management Consultant)

  • Interest rates are rising

  • Keep a long-term perspective on interest rates

  • Work out whether interest rates are a significant risk for your business; and

  • Make a plan to manage interest rates.

Russia and Ukraine provide a significant amount of the grain and oilseeds imported into less developed and poorer nations and food security has suddenly become a key issue

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: Implications for food security & the risk of protectionist policies

(Mae Connelly, Grain Marketing Consultant)

  • Food security is a hot topic due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine

  • Global food prices are at historical highs

  • Exports from Ukraine and Russia usually feed some of the world’s poorest nations

  • High commodity prices are obviously a positive for Aussie farmers in the short term; and

  • The issue is that over-inflated food prices can cause greater government intervention in global food trade, often with negative outcomes for prices and market access longer term.

Every farm is different; however, it is not always clear if the investment in a sectional control bin will pay for itself

Does sectional control for seeding pay for itself?

(Ben Curtis, Farm Management Consultant)

  • Overlap savings are a benefit; and

  • The biggest benefit is using these machines for variable rate seeding inputs.

We have come full circle from one of the most standout years for any agronomist or grower facing some pretty turbulent times, and arguably one of the most interesting pricing years on both ends of the scale

Crop & Weed densities: Managing an integrated weed management program in a challenging year

(Wayne Birch, Agronomist)

  • Keep crop density up for weed control

  • Effort needs to be put into ensuring good quality seed across all crop types

  • Seeding depth is critical for better yields

  • In-season plant count is important to understand how well your seeding system works.

Having a child come back to the farm to work alongside you can be reinvigorating, but it can also present its challenges. It can be one of the most rewarding and frustrating times in your farming career

Boys grow up slower than girls

(Ben Curtis, Management Consultant)

  • Having your child return to work on the farm can be rewarding but challenging

  • The familiarity of family can lead to less formal and respectful communication

  • Understanding the difference in maturity can help you be a better boss

  • Modifying your behaviour to improve management can be the best way to achieve more on the farm and keep a positive working environment

  • Start preparing well before your children return to the farm and communicate your expectations clearly; and

  • Allowing responsibility to shift from your shoulders to your child's requires a great deal of strength and trust.


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