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For over four decades, Farmanco has stood as a prominent advisory firm in Australia's agricultural sector, offering expert guidance to more than 750 farm businesses. The origins of the Farmanco Group trace back to 1978, beginning as the Dowerin and Districts Farm Management Advisory Service, which Ken Sevenson later expanded from its initial base of around 70 farm business clients. The growth of Farmanco has paralleled the success of our clients, who now collectively produce an impressive annual average of 6.2 million tonnes of grain, manage 1.9 million sheep producing 8.4 million kilograms of wool, and maintain 29,000 head of cattle on a farming asset base valued at $9.9 billion.

The Group encompasses a diverse range of services including Farmanco Management Consultancy, offering management, agronomic and precision agronomic expertise; Farmanco Bookkeeping, providing assistance in keeping accurate books to improve both productivity and efficiency; Farmanco Research, which is pioneering in Natural Capital Management, Carbon emission audits and benchmarking; Farmanco Marketing, specialising in grain marketing strategies; and Primary Financial Services, which holds our Australia Financial Services Licence for swaps and derivatives for Grain Marketing.

With a strong regional presence throughout the Wheatbelt, Great Southern, and South Coastal areas of Western Australia, and a strategic office in Albury, New South Wales serving clients in NSW, Victoria, and Queensland, Farmanco has an extensive reach and support network for its clientele.

Upholding a reputation for providing unbiased and client-focused consulting services, Farmanco prides itself on delivering professional, relevant, and expert advice. We build respectful long-term relationships with our clients, gaining important knowledge about their farming operations which enables us to provide accurate timely advice and guidance. This client-focused approach ensures that consultants draw on a wide array of information sources, thus offering a more comprehensive perspective to the businesses they serve.

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Laurence Carslake


Chairman / Management / Agronomy Consultant

Nigel Hennessy


Deputy Chair 

David Cameron


Agronomy Consultant

Ben Curtis




Jennifer Chan


Finance Manager

Drought, dust storm or tariff - Brianna

Joint Ventures & Alliances


Agri benchmark Cash Crop is a unique network of agricultural economists, advisors, and growers in crop production. Since 2006, this global, non-profit, non-political network provides its clients in policy, industry and development aid with internationally standardised proprietary data on crop production systems and related farm economics. By combining this site-specific farm knowledge with analysis of global commodity markets and value chains we help our clients to make informed, scientifically-based decisions and thereby grow their business. Through extensive training and joint research, we deliver substantial and sustainable capacity building – in particular in development aid. Headquartered in Braunschweig, Germany, the network is coordinated by the Federal Thünen Institute and global networks.


APAL is an independent, accredited laboratory, providing soil, plant and water analytical services. APAL services a diverse range of agricultural clients and are passionate about supporting the agricultural industry to be profitable, sustainable and environmentally aware.

Safe Ag Systems

The Safe Ag Systems™ SaaS product is a tailored solution for the agricultural industry. It removes traditional work health and safety management methods and allows users to adopt practical methods that train, improve worker productivity and begin the behavioral change. Features include, worker arrival and departure notification, workers on site location, QR code scan safe work procedures, emergency fire or first aid alert notification, safety checklist and template builders.

Key Choice Financial Solutions

Key Choice Financial Solutions is a business Farmanco is pleased to recommend for financial planning services. Our relationship with Key Choice Solutions started in 2005 when previous Farmanco Partner, Lisa Featherby moved into this business. Key Choice Financial Solutions focuses on three major areas: Wealth Accumulation through strategies such as superannuation and education funds Protecting your Wealth, if you were to have an accident or illness and could not work to pay the bills; and Preserving your Wealth by working with your Farmanco representative to ensure your Estate and Succession plan is focused, detailed and provides peace of mind. Disclaimer: Key Choice Financial Solutions Pty Ltd and Samantha Hamilton are authorised representatives of Oreana Financial Services Limited and provide financial planning services through an association with Farmanco Management Consultants. Each business is solely and separately responsible for the advice they each provide. In particular, Oreana is only responsible for the financial planning services provided by Samantha Hamilton and Key Choice Financial Solutions Pty Ltd. Key Choice Financial Solutions Pty Ltd, is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Oreana Financial Services Limited ABN 91 607 515 122 AFSL 482234.

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