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At Farmanco, we understand the importance of natural capital, which encompasses the world's vast array of natural resources like geology, air, water, soil, and all living organisms. These resources provide us with crucial ecosystem services, like food, water, building materials, fuel, and climate regulation, among others.
With the growing concern over GHG emissions in the agricultural sector, we have been offering our clients services to help them manage their emissions effectively. And now, as more clients are showing interest in managing their natural capital, we are expanding our offerings to assist them in this area as well.
To serve this purpose, we have established the Natural Capital Management Team, dedicated to delivering top-notch services to growers. Our approach is based on economic and business analysis principles, and all advice provided is data-driven. Our aim is to help growers make informed decisions by providing them with a clear representation of the potential economic outcomes of their natural capital management, not just the environmental benefits. Let us help you manage your natural capital effectively.

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CARBON AUDITING - Understand your current GHG emissions by enterprise type

CARBON BENCHMARKING - Compare your emissions against other farms, by enterprise type

NUTRIENT MANAGEMENT PLANS - Get an objective assessment of the nutrient requirements for your intenstive livestock enterprises

PRECISION AGRONOMY - Make the best use of every section of your paddocks, maximise profitability, reduce environmental impacts

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