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Maximise your sustainability efforts with Farmanco's Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions benchmarking services. As part of our on-farm review, we collect the data necessary to perform a comprehensive GHG emissions audit. The information is securely exported to our online benchmarking platform and database, allowing you to compare your GHG emissions to over 200 businesses and growing.


With our sister company Aglytica, we have integrated the latest Greenhouse Accounting Framework (GAF) calculations from the Primary Industries Climate Challenges Centre (PICCC) and University of Melbourne, giving you the ability to enter your own data and receive a customised benchmark report on your GHG emissions. Join the forefront of sustainability and take control of your business's carbon footprint with Farmanco.

  • Compares your farm's emissions against our database of other clients also measuring their emissions (currently over 220 farms)​.

  • See how you compare against lowest carbon producers in the country, by enterprise type, and rainfall zone.

  • Use our online platform (co-developed with Aglytica) to receive an online GHG emissions audit and benchmark report.

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