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Profit focused agronomy advice

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Our agronomy service is tailored to your requirements and then applied on-farm.  We take into account soil science, crop development, rotation and practical aspects of your farm to provide sustainable and profitable advice.

Our agronomy team combines their in-field crop production expertise with both our management and marketing teams to access enterprise level and farm business level information to help maximise your returns, and provide you with balanced and informed advice to improve your farming systems.

Farmanco agronomists based in regional locations bring the latest research and practices to your farm.  We pride ourselves on our professionalism and commitment, providing balanced unbiased advice.  We take advantage of continuous professional development to improve our skills and keep up to date with cutting-edge practices.  This means sustainable, direct, benefits to you and your farming outcomes.


Farmanco Watermark Logo 3 Leaves Green.p
Management: Text

STRATEGIC ADVICE - annual and long term rotational advice and cropping plans

SEASONAL MONITORING - intensive research and recommendations on all aspects of agronomy

FERTILISER PLANS - detailed advice on nutrients, soil amelioration products and technology

PESTICIDE ADVICE - annual updates and protection programs

TECHNOLOGY - precision agri-technology to produce more efficient operations

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