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Farmanco is looking to provide Carbon tools and analytics to farm businesses, as well as ongoing advice to demonstrate where an individual farm operation ranks in the industry and against its peers and what the individual farm can change to reduce its environmental impact.​


To achieve this goal, we have been collecting carbon data for the past seven years for over 300 farms, and in conjunction with anonymised financial and production benchmarking from the Farmanco Profit Series, as well as other data identified by the technical objectives of our research, to establish what constitutes a high performing farm (in terms of both productions and profitability), combined with the lowest achievable levels of carbon emissions.

  • Enter your carbon related farm data through the Aglytica Analyser Platform. 

  • Using the latest version of the GAF calculations, the Analyser platform calculates your emissions on the fly.

  • Provides you with an audit of your farm's total emissions and enterprise level emissions, as well as showing you what Greenhouse Gases (GHG) you are producing and scope categories (Scope 1-3). 

  • Ideal to provide to your financial institution 

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