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Farmanco offers a range of precision agricultural services that include advice, setup and support in paddock planning and operation of guidance systems, as well as zone management.

For more information, please visit Farmanco Precision Ag.

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BOUNDARY & GUIDANCE - Boundary Mapping, AB Lines, CTF Setup and Guidance and Run Line Optimisation

GPS DISPLAY & DATA MANAGEMENT - Setup Display Data, Data Integration, Systems Data Transfers, File Management & Backup

YIELD MAPPING / PRECISION AGRONOMY REPORTS - Single Season Yield Reports, Production Zone Mapping, Multi-Year Yield Reports, Nutrient Use Efficiency Reports, Consolidated Yield Maps

SOIL MAPPING - Soil EM & Gamma Mapping, VR Rate Liming & Gypsum Maps, Soil Profile Mapping, VR Fertiliser by Soils Map, Soil Amelioration Maps, Soil Zoning & Sampling Point

VARIABLE RATE AND PRESCRIPTION MAPPING - Variable Rate Fertiliser Seeding/Spreading/Spraying, Soil Amelioration Maps, Variable Rate Seeing, Liming & Gypsum, Variable Rate Trials

AG TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS & SUPPORT - Technology Services Advice & Support

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