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Transform your piggery into a sustainable operation with Farmanco's Nutrient Management Plan and expert consultancy services. Comply with the latest requirements from the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) for rotational outdoor piggeries and eco-shelters, now being rolled out to other livestock operations such as poultry and cattle.


Our team will provide an objective assessment of your operations, including stocking density, land use rotations, nutrient budgeting, and soil type. Get a comprehensive nutrient budget that outlines the nutrients produced and used by your piggery and cropping/pasture areas. Ensure the effective management of your farm areas with Farmanco's support. Stay ahead of the curve in sustainable livestock production and trust in our growing expertise in this field.

  • Objective assessment of your current operations

  • Comprehensive nutrient budgets for rotational outdoor piggeries and eco shelters

  • Comply with the latest legal requirements and best practice in sustainable operations

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