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Production and profit improvements.

Our livestock service focuses on improvements in both production and profitability for red meat (sheep and cattle) and wool. 

Farmanco consultants in regional locations bring the latest research and practices to your farm. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and commitment, providing balanced and unbiased advice.

This means substantial direct benefits to you and your farming outcomes.

Management: Text
  • GOALS - breeding objectives established; detailed production plans created.

  • GENETICS - ram selection and genetic improvements.

  • BIG DATA - outsourced data management and analysis.

  • BIOSECURITY - the creation of detailed biosecurity plans*, including processes and procedures.  (*Mandatory for all LPA accredited producers from 1st October 2017).

  • CONDITION SCORING - conducted by us; analysed with management option provided.

  • PRODUCTION - general best-practice principles and operational management advice.

  • FEED - feed budgeting, FOO measurements, ration composition.

  • PASTURE - composition status, management, improvement, agronomy, paddock allocation, rotations.

  • CARCASS TRAILS - carcass composition analysis from the processor feedback; results used in the production plan.

  • ECONOMICS - the cost of production calculations/analysis.

  • TRIALS AND RESEARCH - conducted on-farm, tailored to your production goals, with scientific outcomes.

  • EQUIPMENT - analysed according to your budget and goals with tailored recommendations provided.

  • TECHNOLOGY - up to date and assistance with adoption of new technology.

  • INDUSTRY LITERATURE - access to Farmanco-written livestock articles.

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