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Famanco Facts - November 2020

The editorial this month has been written by Blake O'Meagher, Agronomist and Precision Ag Specialist, based at Beverley, WA.

Article key points of November include:

Harvest Loss

by Brent Pritchard (Agronomist)

  • Average harvest grain loss from the @harvestloss survey - $9,200

  • Drop tray options: Bushel Plus; Ag Gear; ScherGain; HarvestCalc

  • Find that sweet spot of acceptable loss and capacity

  • If you do not measure, you do not know.

Is now the time for Robots in Ag? Part 1

  • A combination of factors (improvements and reduction in costs of tech, greater take up in other industries, availability of people and WHS concerns) are driving the introduction of autonomous tech; basically, robots are coming to agriculture.

  • Robots will potentially bring great benefits to farm businesses, but the technology is still in its infancy.

  • This article starts with the state of the art in driverless tractors - looking at aftermarket solutions; concept autonomous versions of current machines and purpose built robots

Grain Marketing Tips for the 2020 Harvest

by Mae Connelly (Grain Marketing Consultant)

  • Payment terms vary by buyer and range from 48 hours to 30 days from end of week of nomination.

  • Deferred (July 2021) Transfer contract options are limited again this season.

  • Allocate canola by the nett value of each load (including oil and admix).

  • Barley and wheat contracts – Consider which grades and varieties you need to cover on a contract and allocate by grade spreads rather than prices.

  • Farmanco Marketing can help with correct allocation to contracts over harvest.

What does Footy Tipping have to do with Farm Business Management?

By Stacey Bell (Management Consultant)

  • Playing the odds at football is like playing the odds with your farm

  • Sticking to established rules of thumb pay out over the longer term

  • It won’t always work, but in the end, it will work most often

Every Farmanco Facts edition includes:

WA and NSW / VIC Livestock Market Reports.

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