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Farmanco Facts - April 2022

An insight to what the April edition of Farmanco Facts has to offer readers. If interested, subscribe through the website store.

'The power of starting early'

Youth doesn’t have to be wasted on the young

Mike Monaghan (Management Consultant)

  • Integrate finance and business themes when raising our kids and grandkids.

  • Make it fun and rewarding. Don’t lose sight of letting kids be kids.

  • Encourage work ethic, generosity, patience, saving and spending traits.

  • Earning prior to spending and operating within means.

  • Planning and getting somewhere on purpose; and

  • The miracle of compounding.


'Two samples of ryegrass that Farmanco tested through the AHRI resistance testing service threw up a bit more than we had hoped for'

Combined glyphosate, paraquat & probable Glufosinate resistance identified in WA

(Brent Pritchard, Agronomist)

  • Confirmed Glyphosate, Paraquat and Glufosinate resistance in two (2) populations.

  • Likely to have originated from the fire break.

  • Eradication plan in place by owner.

  • Observe all spray failures; and

  • Don’t let weed seeds hit the ground.


'Every day, 96 million barrels of oil are consumed globally, 60 million of which are used for transportation'

The problem with oil & opportunities for agriculture

(Keith Symondson, CEO)

  • The invasion of Ukraine by Russia shows the fragility of our supply chains for fossil fuels.

  • We continue to need more oil, nearly two-thirds of which is currently used by vehicles, but oil reserves are running out.

  • While some countries are moving toward electric vehicles powered by renewables, in reality, we’re decades away from replacing most of our current oil powered cars, and even further away from large scale electric planes.

  • Renewable diesels, based on agricultural waste or through growing specific crops ideally on poor soils, could replace a significant proportion of petro-diesel.

  • We’ve been here before in WA, with successive governments throwing their weight behind biofuel schemes with little tangible benefit to farmers; and

  • This time, a combination of private money and oil company involvement, pressure on industries to reduce their carbon emissions, and a strong potential domestic market for low carbon fuels, makes it worth another look.


'Since the invasion, the Black Sea region has become a no-go zone for shippers. This has cut off around 30% of the world’s wheat and barley export supply''

Ukraine: Impact on international supply

(Adrian Clancy, Grain Marketing Consultant)

  • Invasion potentially impacts 30% of international wheat and barley supply.

  • This is ongoing and will likely impact spring plantings.

  • International grain is already critically low for vulnerable consumers; and

  • Australian prices are likely to remain strong into the second half of 2022.

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