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Farmanco Facts - Jan/Feb 2022

Is 2022 the year you begin subscribing to Farmanco Facts, our monthly newsletter product? You can subscribe the old-school way via printed, via PDF email or by accessing through the Farmanco App, available in the Play Store and Apple Store.

The first edition for 2022 begins with Eric Nankivell and Rob Sands wrapping up the 2021 season. Eric with a NSW/VIC perspective, and Rob for Western Australia.

Mae Connelly discusses the size and quality of the 2021/22 WA harvest, along with price trends and some comparisons to previous seasons.

Alice Butler educates us on maximising potassium returns using yield maps and soil test data.

Eric Nankivell talks about the advantage of reviewing your Farm Business.

2021 / 22 WA Harvest Review

Mae Connelly, Grain Marketing Consultant

  • A record crop for WA, but a lower quality profile.

  • 50% of the WA wheat crop delivered to CBH as ASW1, the highest in recent years.

  • The ASW1 protein average was also lower than our usual ASW1 markets require.

  • The most popular varieties (Scepter, Spartacus, Planet and Bonito) continue to dominate.

  • Markets were volatile, including grade spreads.

Spreading Potassium: Maximising Potassium returns using simple maps (yield maps & soil test data)

By Alice Butler, Precision Ag Specialist

  • Potassium nutrition is complex, but soil test and paddock removal data enables efficient targeting of this nutrient.

  • While potassium is expensive, it needs to be applied efficiently in response to soil test results and particular soil type critical values.

  • For many paddocks, meaningful prescriptions can be prepared from three years of yield data, soil test results and often simply by using Google Earth.

  • Once you define soil type and paddock production (as well as remove constraints), paddock potassium requirements may not change too much year to year .

Taking charge of your Farm Business – with a Business Review

By Eric Nankivell, Farm Management Consultant

  • An annual review provides focus.

  • Businesses are getting larger.

  • Management consultants provide you with a process.

  • Small changes make large differences.

  • At budget time, set yourself the 1% higher income / 5% lower cost challenge.

  • If you use a consultant, prepare well.

  • If you would like to use a consultant, give us a call. View our Teams Page to find a consultant in your area.

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