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Farmanco Facts - July 2023

This month Farmanco consultants discuss Sulphur Deficiency in Cropping; Sheep Industry Stresses; ASW9 in 24/25; Succession Planning & Windfarm Considerations.

With expertise across all facets of Farm Management, Grain Marketing and Agronomy, with Farmanco Facts our readers are exposed to an excellent information resource.

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Key point teasers:

Sulphur Deficiency

Mark Lawrence (Agronomy Consultant)

  • Sulphur deficiency was observed through parts of the Great Southern and South Coast last season.

  • A yield response to sulphur of 800 kg/ha was observed in a 2021 Gibson DPIRD trial under high nitrogen in canola.

  • Most current cropping fertiliser is low in sulphur relative to yield requirements.

Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between S deficiency and other deficiencies in crops. In cereals, S deficiency can lead to paler green coloured leaves, which can be confused with symptoms of N deficiency. However, in the case of S deficiency, symptoms typically start from younger leaves, while in the case of N deficiency, it starts from older leaves.



Mae Connelly (Grain Marketing Consultant)

  • CBH introduced the trial grade ASW9 in WA for the 2022/23 harvest.

  • Grain Trade Australia has now announced that it will become an official grade from the 2024/25 season, and we presume CBH will continue with it as a trial grade for the 2023/24 harvest, as it is already being priced.

  • ASW9 has provided a price premium over ASW1 to those growers delivering ASW wheat with over 9.0% protein, which is the minimum level demanded by our international milling customers.

Grain Trade Australia (GTA) has announced that ASW9 will be formally released nationally for the 2024/25 season. This article reviews the reasons for CBH introducing this new grade in 22/23, and what its benefits and potential risks are.


Wind Farm Considerations

Katrina Kowald (Farm Management Consultant)

  • Understand the potential project and intentions of the business you are dealing with.

  • Understand the project’s impact on you and your business.

  • Know that wind farms can take several years to enter the construction phase, if at all.

If you have been approached by a wind farm developer, or other renewable energy developer, there are some things you need to consider.


Are Sheep worth the Stress?

Ian Richardson (Farm Management Consultant)

  • There are three main issues facing sheep — live export, shearing and abattoirs.

  • Are they still profitable?

  • Sheep will continue to be profitable if you can adjust to market conditions.

Farmers often contemplate exiting the sheep industry, and one or all of the above issues could tip them over and see them leave. Others will be weighing up changing the structure of their flock and the profitability of their sheep enterprise.


Weaving Succession Payments into the Fabric of your Cost Structure

Mike Monaghan (Farm Management Consultant)

  • Integrate succession into your business plan.

  • Integrate succession into your budget.

  • Set the course.

  • Set an amount.

  • Stay the course

Substantial growth in rural land values in recent seasons has exacerbated the inequity of wealth transfer via farm succession. Therefore, the definition of fair and equitable is evolving.


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