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Farmanco Facts - June 2020

Rob Sands (Management Consultant) consults to clients throughout the Central Wheatbelt. He pens the editorial for the June Farmanco Facts, and begins with:

2020 will go down in history as the year that a virus stopped the world. Just when you thought you had enough to deal with, the Chinese made the decision to slap an 80.5% Import Tariff on Australian barley for no defendable reason. Now there is a lot of “noise” around this issue, but what is clear to me is that the reason China is promoting in the media has nothing to do with why they are actually doing it.

Articles this month include the following:

Measuring harvest losses

by David Cameron (Agronomist, Moora)

  • In our canola crops we are losing an average of $75 per hectare as harvest losses

  • Measuring losses in all crops means you can manage them

  • Drop trays have improved and are effective for measuring losses

Wool – what do we do now?

by Greg Easton (Management Consultant)

  • Wool prices fell by 27% from January 2020 to May 2020

  • Storing wool should be treated as an investment decision

  • Check on your insurance if you plan to store wool on farm or in broker storage74% - 78% of Australian wool is usually destined for China

  • China domestically consume 55% to 60% of imported wool

Solar Panel Investments

by Jodie Pengel (Intern 2020)

  • An outline of the latest renewable energy legislation and schemes (rebates) available for solar power

  • Analysis of potential return on investment of using solar

  • Things to consider if you decide to install solar panels

Oil and its relationship to grain prices

by Don McTaggart (Grain Marketing Consultant, Albany)

Strong correlation between crude oil and grain futures doesn’t appear to translate to local prices.

Each Farmanco Facts edition includes:

WA & NSW / VIC Wool Livestock Market Reports.

All Farmanco publications are available through our Shop.

Monthly Farmanco Facts editions are available to clients via the Farmanco App, on both iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices, available (free) through both the Apple Store and Google Play. A free 14 Day trial of Farmanco products is also available via the Farmanco App.


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