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Farmanco Facts - October 2022

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Key points of articles follow:

Should I Use More Urea in 2023?

Ben Curtis (Farm Management Consultant)

Forecasts suggest that nitrogen will continue to be expensive in 2023, if not more so than 2022 prices. This will push growers to reconsider their nitrogen strategy.

  • Flexi-N (UAN) might be difficult to obtain in 2023.

  • UAN prices are expected to be higher in 2023 and up to one and a half times more expensive than urea per unit.

  • Switching to urea doesn’t come without logistical challenges.

Storing Lupins

Greg Easton (Farm Management Consultant)

... the question is: Should we sell lupins at the current price or store them for sale later?

  • Storing lupins from harvest until August in the CBH System will be slightly more expensive than storing on-farm.

  • Post-harvest insurance for loss should be considered for grain stored on-farm.

  • If you're storing lupins for sale later, ensure that price targets cover the cost of storage and the opportunity cost of not having the funds in the bank.

Ongoing Russian Impact

Adrian Clancy (Grain Marketing Consultant)

Over the last six months, the Russian invasion has been one of the key drivers supporting export values for Australian grain crop following a large 2021/22 harvest.

  • How has the Russian invasion impacted world wheat trade?

  • What part does the Black Sea play in international grain trade?

  • What are the risks to the trade?

Work Health & Safety — Preparing for Summer

Katrina Kowald (Farm Management Consultant)

We thought it timely to make sure you are ready for this summer.

  • Harvest is nearly upon us, are you prepared for summer hazards on the farm?

  • Snake bite kits, Fire, Asbestos & derelict uninsured farm infrastructure, Pre-harvest; and Communication.

Spring Pests Update and Refresher

Wayne Birch (Agronomist)

With an early start and good winter rainfall over many areas of the country, spring pests can be more of an issue.

  • This article discusses mouse control in Q & A format.

  • What are the thresholds for common crop pests?

Do Women Have a Role in Modern Agriculture?

Ben Curtis (Farm Management Consultant)

Ben recently had the pleasure of presenting at the South East Premium Wheat Growers (SEPWA) Women’s Day and was given the unenviable topic of the role of women in modern agriculture.

  • Roles in agriculture have evolved.

  • Women are integral to many farm businesses, often in managerial roles.

  • See feedback from the SEPWA Women’s Group about their roles in ag and how other members of their businesses value them.

  • Women are often the glue that keeps farm businesses running efficiently and the industry would be stuffed without their contribution.

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