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Farmanco Facts - Sept 2020

Eric Nankivell, Consultant based in Albury introduces Farmanco Facts with the Editorial. He introduces Adrian Clancy to the Albury team and says …

It is always more difficult to price into a falling market, so a clear strategy and some discipline will make this a little easier. If you do not have a clear strategy established from the beginning of the year, I recommend that you engage our grain marketing team members to improve this side of your business.”
Eric also penned an article on Business Self Help and says “With any business, the opportunity to learn and improve is an ongoing task. I will cover off on two opportunities for you and your business – Business Plans and Advanced Business Discussion Groups."

Chris Robinson, Kojonup writes that Fall Armyworm has hit WA agricultural areas. Ben Curtis, Esperance says Fertiliser (one of your biggest costs) has huge potential for savings. Laurence Carslake, Pingelly writes about possible chemical residue in sheep. Ryan Duane of the Grain Marketing Team writes about Agricultural Subsidies, and Stacey Bell writes on optimising performance during harvest.

Key points of these articles, include:

Fall Armyworm has hit WA agricultural areas

by Chris Robinson

  • Fall Armyworm (FAW) has been detected in the Geraldton area.

  • FAW can develop insecticide resistance rapidly.

  • FAW has a wide range of host plants, including most of our common broadacre crop species.

Fertiliser: One of your biggest costs with huge savings potential

by Ben Curtis

  • Don’t just stick to the same fertiliser regime just because it is the ‘norm in your business.

  • With further analysis, potential savings of $30 per hectare could be made, while achieving the same results - just with different fertiliser combinations.

  • Fertiliser products and pricing are complicated, but Farmanco has a spreadsheet to help you to tease it apart.

Possible Chemical Residues in Sheep

by Laurence Carslake

  • Sheep escaping feedlots and pastures often stray into recently sprayed winter crops.

  • Post emergent pesticides have varying ‘grazing withholding periods’ (WHP).

  • Fungicides, insecticides and herbicides in mixes can create complex residue issues.

  • Livestock going to meat processors are tested for chemical residues, with increasing sensitivity.

  • Sheep with potential issues must be fed in feedlots, or unsprayed pastures, prior to slaughter.

Agricultural Subsidies

by Ryan Duane

  • Australian farmers are amongst the least subsidised in the world.

  • Australian support is largely focussed on research and development.

  • Low levels of support help drive agricultural productivity.

  • Global subsidies are costing Australian farmers $8 billion to $10 billion per year.

Performance Optimising during Harvest: The importance of exercise for mental clarity

by Stacey Bell

  • Exercise is important for physical and mental health – two things that often suffer at busy times.

  • You don’t need to go to the gym to get a workout during your day.

  • Exercise is the easiest way to optimize your brain during harvest.

Every Farmanco Facts edition includes:

WA Wool & Livestock Market Report and NSW / VIC Wool & Livestock Market Report.

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