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Do you want an insight into what the best farmers do differently?


Do you want to know if you are amongst the best performing and profitable farmers in the country?


Do you want to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your farm business and find out what would really make a difference to your profitability?


We’ve been collecting anonymized production and financial data from some of the best performing farmers in Australia for nearly a quarter of a century. We’ve used this to produce an annual publication, called the Profit Series. This ranks individual business performance within a production year and compares those businesses across nearly 70 different measures. We can show you how you compare against your peers and the top 25% of farms at an enterprise as well as a whole of farm level.


Now you can add your own numbers through our secure, online platform, compare where you stand and get feedback immediately - through benchmark dashboards as well as electronic publications (the Professional Edition). When you place an order for the Professional Edition you will be contacted by one of our team to show you how to enter your data through the online platform.


The Business Edition contains the same data, but farms are not highlighted with a numbered ranking, and the book is not personalized to your farm (which required you to provide your farm data).


  • Profit Series: Professional Edition (printed) $550 (inc GST)


  • Profit Series: Business Edition (printed) $380 (inc GST)


  • Profit Series: Business Edition (via Farmanco app (iOS)) $358 (inc GST)

The Profit Series Professional Edition

PriceFrom $358.00
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