Do you want access to the best and most up-to-date, independent information to help improve your farm business in becoming more progressive, sustainable, and profitable?


The Farmanco Pesticide Handbook (also known as the PestbookTM) is an annual publication from the Farmanco agronomy team, with input from independent agronomists around Australia.


The Pestbook is based on over 30 years’ worth of innovative research data about insect, weed and disease control for all major broadacre crops and is regarded as the best independent guide to weed, insect and disease control in Australia. The Pestbook isn’t just a list of labels, but instead contains recommendations developed from Farmanco and client experience that we know works – with each recommendation given with an star efficacy rating for a particular crop and pest.


Two (2) editions are available: WA only and SA / NSW / Victoria (Coming soon). The WA version is available as both a printed, bound book as well as an e-book through the Farmanco app. The SA / NSW / VIC version will be available soon as a fully searchable ebook.


  • Pestbook WA: Printed Book $375 (inc GST) ***25% OFF!***


  • Pestbook WA: eBook $300 (inc GST)