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Farmanco Facts – September 2023

Contributions from our Consulting Teams include PA (Precision Ag) for Weed Management, Profit ‘Serious’ Benchmarking, CBH Grade Changes, Getting HR & Safety Ready for Harvest, and a look at what our Management Consultants got up to on their Farmanco Management PD Days.

Farmanco Facts continues to be an excellent monthly resource for Australian farm businesses.

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Teaser points:

PA for Weed Management

Alice Butler (Precision Ag Consultant)

  • Management of resistant ryegrass on fence lines has been a key driver of precise boundary mapping.

  • Using the SwarmFarm robot and WEED-IT system, spot spraying 3,090 hectares generated a saving of $65,667 when compared to the blanket spray.

  • Setting up the SwarmFarm robot required a large time investment in front of the computer to refine maps and complete path plans to allow the robot to move autonomously.

In June, Farmanco delivered two variable rate technology (VRT) workshops at Broomehill and Green Range … at both workshops, Phil and Tom Longmire gave a grower perspective on VRT, and provided insight into how they have implemented other aspects of precision agriculture (PA) on their farm in Beaumont, 110 km northeast of Esperance, Western Australia.


Profit ‘Serious’ Benchmarking

Hilary Bunny (Aglytica)

  • If you are keen to improve your business performance, look at benchmarking as a critical first step.

  • Gain an understanding of the key performance metrics that are central to the profitability of your business.

  • Learn what drives efficiencies within your farm systems.

  • Compare your data with businesses in the top 25% of the industry.

  • There is always something to be learnt from those who do it better or do it differently.

Benchmarking creates a dashboard for your business, much like the dashboard of a car. Your car dashboard will tell you how many kilometres of fuel you consume per 100km and your optimum range. At the very least, it will show if you should definitely pull into the next service station for a top up! Without this dashboard, you would be driving your car blind, wondering how far you will get today.


CBH Grade Changes

Mae Connelly (Grain Marketing Consultant)

  • CBH has created a new wheat grade for the 2023/24 harvest called AWW2.

  • AWW2 replaces ASW1, AGP1, Fed1 and AUN1.

  • AWW2 also replaces the previous high moisture grades for wheat.

  • All feed barley segregations will now cater for higher moisture up to 13.5%.

  • Check your CBH ISCC requirements if you use aerial application for pesticides.

CBH has made some changes to wheat grades and high moisture for wheat and barley this coming harvest. This article discusses the changes and the main messages for WA growers. This article also mentions an important update on ISCC requirements around the aerial application of some chemicals from CBH.


Getting HR & Safety Ready for Harvest: Easy Steps you can take this Harvest

Danielle McNamee (ProcessWorx)

  • Ensure your farm has the essential HR and WHS policies and procedures.

  • Ensure all your employees have employment contracts.

  • Ensure you induct new staff. Update your risk register.

  • Hold staff meetings.

  • Have a plan to manage fatigue.

  • Promote a speak up culture.

With harvest starting soon, it’s important to ensure your farm’s human resources and work health & safety (WHS) are in order. We asked Danielle McNamee, Managing Director of ProcessWorx, to put together some harvest preparation pointers for a safe and productive season.



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