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iPestbook your pocket agronomist

The Farmanco iPestbook app

According to the National Farmers Federation, there are approximately 85,483 agricultural businesses in Australia with an estimated Value of Agricultural Operations (EVAO) of $40k or more. However, it is estimated that less than 5% have access to an independent agronomy consultant.

Farmanco Management Consultants has launched the iPestbook, an iPhone and iPad-based app that looks to democratise access to independent agronomic advice.

iPestbook has been developed from the Farmanco Pesticide Handbook (also known as the PestbookTM) - an annual publication from the Farmanco agronomy team. The Pestbook is based on over 30 years of innovative research data by our team of independent agronomists, as well as our clients’ experience of what works in the paddock.

iPestbook is a simple to use app for Australian growers and agronomists that allows them to quickly identify treatments that control key pests in all major broadacre crops. The treatments recommended currently cover four states: Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales, and Victoria. The app lets you select your State, application type, crop and pest and then gives you a list of potential treatments.

Each treatment is rated on a star scale, by efficacy. Each potential recommendation includes an indicative cost per hectare ($/ha). Treatments can be filtered by efficacy and cost per hectare.

Through the Apple App Store you can search iPestbook, or follow the link here Apple app store. Subscriptions available are monthly ($14.99/month) and annual ($99/year).

Who we are:

iPestbook has been developed by a team of agronomists at Farmanco Management Consultants, an Australian farm advisory company established in 1977.

Farmanco has a team of full time, independent agronomists throughout Western Australia as well as strong links to other agronomy teams in South Australia, New South Wales, and Victoria.

Given that our agronomists are independent, they are not driven by product sales, but by the quality of the advice they offer to clients. The information in iPestbook and the efficacy measurements of treatments are based on that independence.

iPestbook, your pocket agronomist


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