We believe there is an ongoing need to provide independent research and develop new technologies

Farmanco has been involved in innovative and important research since the 1990’s.  In addition to our own research work, we also work in conjunction with grower groups and funding bodies such as GRDC and MLA.

Our research efforts maintain three key principals, they need to be:  Innovative, Tech Focused and Leading Edge.  We are supported in our research by our own software tools, such as the Profit Series (enterprise level benchmarketing, with over 24 years of data) and the iPestbook (built on years of original research by Farmanco and our clients' experience of what actually works in the paddock), and our team of experienced consultants and project managers.


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Our livestock service focuses on improvements in both production and profitability for red meat (sheep and cattle) and wool.

Production and profit improvements.

Our livestock service focuses on improvements in both production and profitability for red meat (sheep and cattle) and wool. 

Farmanco consultants in regional locations bring the latest research and practices to your farm. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and commitment, providing balanced and unbiased advice.

This means substantial direct benefits to you and your farming outcomes.


  • GOALS - breeding objectives established; detailed production plans created.

  • GENETICS - ram selection and genetic improvements.

  • BIG DATA - outsourced data management and analysis.


  • BIOSECURITY - the creation of detailed biosecurity plans*, including processes and procedures.  (*Mandatory for all LPA accredited producers from 1st October 2017).


  • CONDITION SCORING - conducted by us; analysed with management option provided.


  • PRODUCTION - general best-practice principles and operational management advice.


  • FEED - feed budgeting, FOO measurements, ration composition.


  • PASTURE - composition status, management, improvement, agronomy, paddock allocation, rotations.


  • CARCASS TRAILS - carcass composition analysis from the processor feedback; results used in the production plan.


  • ECONOMICS - the cost of production calculations/analysis.


  • TRIALS AND RESEARCH - conducted on-farm, tailored to your production goals, with scientific outcomes.


  • EQUIPMENT - analysed according to your budget and goals with tailored recommendations provided.


  • TECHNOLOGY - up to date and assistance with adoption of new technology.


  • INDUSTRY LITERATURE - access to Farmanco-written livestock articles.


Farmanco established Farmanco Research in 2019 with the goal to provide individual and industry advice on agricultural's GHG emissions, the factors that may influence it, and the steps that may be taken at an individual farm level as well as at an industry level to migrate the impact.  As part of this, we are also looking to provide tools to farm businesses, as well as ongoing analysis and advice to demonstrate where an individual farm operation ranks against its peers and what the individual farm can change to reduce its environmental impact.

To achieve this goal, we have been collecting carbon data for the past seven years for over 300 farms, and in conjunction with anonymised financial and production benchmarking from the Farmanco Profit Series, as well as other data identified by the technical objectives of our research, to establish what constitutes a high performing (in terms of both productions and profitability)farm, combined with the lowest achievable levels of carbon emissions.  Our major aims are to:

  • Measure Green House Gas (GHG) emissions at an individual farm and enterprise level;

  • Identify which enterprise mix (crops/livestock) produce the highest and lowest carbon emissions; and

  • Determine the optimal enterprise mix (in terms of, initially, broadacre cropping and livestock operations), that provides the best balance of profitability and low GHG emissions, whist also taking into account other data such as rainfall, based on a range of carbon pricing.

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