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Farmanco Facts - Jan/Feb 2024

Welcome to 2024 and Farmanco Facts.


At this time of the year, our Farm Management team are flat out with post harvest reviews, and of course our Agronomists are always busy on-farm. Coming out of Christmas and the New Year, we do a combined January and February edition.


Articles this month include:

  • 2023 / 2024 WA Harvest Review

  • Firebreak Rethink; and

  • Who are You and What’s your ‘And’?.


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Key Points this month.


2023 / 24 WA Harvest Review

Mae Connelly (Grain Marketing Consultant) 

  • The 2023/24 WA crop was down 45% from last year

  • It was a very high protein and high screenings season for wheat compared to recent years

  • The malt barley percentage was lower than average and varied significantly across port zones and varieties.

  • Canola oil was lower than recent seasons, and the GM and ISCC/ non-ISCC spreads were volatile across 2023


This article discusses the size and quality of the 2023/24 WA harvest, along with some pricing and seasonal issues, and comparisons to historical deliveries.


Firebreak Rethink

Brent Pritchard (Agronomist)

  • Firebreaks need a major rethink.

  • Glyphosate resistance is developing rapidly across many fence line breaks and roadsides.

  • Paraquat resistance can develop within five to 12 applications after glyphosate resistance.

  • Plan and budget for firebreak management with residual options.

  • Fit and calibrate rate controllers to firebreak booms.


Since 1965 … many firebreaks have been created using herbicides. When glyphosate entered the herbicide market, the use of chemical firebreaks expanded rapidly … 1990s through to early 2000s, most firebreaks were sprayed with glyphosate solely …. This extensive use of a single Mode of Action (MOA) has resulted in many firebreaks developing resistance to glyphosate.



Who are you and What is your ‘And’?

Katrina Kowald (Farm Management Consultant)

  • What is your identity outside the farm business?

  • Having an identity off-farm can ease the transition to retirement.

  • All members of the business/family should have an off-farm identity.


If you intend to retire off-farm and enjoy it, having an off-farm identity will make the transition to retirement smoother


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